Horseback isn’t the only way to see the sights.


no travel required to hike in a national forest; it's right outside your door.

Horses are reliable, but your feet can take you just as far. Starting from the ranch, there is ample opportunity to get up high and see the sights, or get down low and smell the wild flowers in hilltop meadows. 

A place to breathe.

Get out on your own two feet and enjoy that fresh, mountain air! Trails range from a short hour hike to an all-day adventure. If your body needs a rest from all the riding you’ve been doing, but you still want to get out and see more of this beautiful country, a hike is the perfect option. New to the outdoors? That’s okay! One of our staff will happily accompany you to show the way. Or, if you’re an experienced trekker, feel free to venture out on your own and see what hidden niches of the forest you can find!