A wrangler at Crossed Sabres Ranch must be a responsible team player with excellent horsemanship skills. He/She must have an outgoing personality and provide first class customer service while maintaining a safety first state of mind while working. 

The main responsibility of our wranglers is leading our guests on trail rides and providing a safe, first class experience. Wranglers are expected to lead rides of any skill level, provide lessons, and have an in depth knowledge of our trail system. In addition to leading rides, wranglers are responsible for completing other responsibilities and helping with the overall success of the department. This includes caring for 50 plus head of horses, maintaining a clean and organized corral/tack room, wrangling horses in and out of grazing, saddling over 35 head of horses, assisting guests prior to rides, adjusting cinches and tack, and helping guests safely mount their horse. 

While on the trail a wrangler should: 

  • Exhibit good horsemanship skills that reflect Crossed Sabres Ranch riding policy.
  • Set a good example by wearing appropriate apparel (boots with heels, long pants, stampede strings) and abiding by the ranch’s rules and regulations.
  • Communicate with your guests and get to know them. Provide information on things such as the area, wildlife, Yellowstone National Park, horsemanship, etc. 
  • Display concern for the well being of the horse.
  • Take control of a group no matter what skill level. 
  • Display good judgement in dealing with guests and horses in all situations.
  • Anticipate potentially dangerous situations on the trail.
  • Utilize emergency skills as necessary on the trail.
  • Be able to handle horses on the ground and in the saddle.
  • Be able to say NO to any guest who may jeopardize the safety of you, your guests, or the horses. 

As a wrangler you will help with clearing and maintaining trails, fixing fence, maintaining buildings and property, digging holes, loading hay, cleaning and oiling tack, and chopping firewood.

We do ask all of our employees to help in general ranch jobs outside of their specific department as needed. Some of these jobs are socializing with guests, helping with BB guns, archery, hatchet throwing, washing dishes, square dancing, skeet shooting, rodeo transportation, airport shuttles, and anything else needed to ensure the success of the ranch. 

Wranglers will be provided the necessary training to competently complete the above responsibilities.

Requirements to be considered for the wrangler position: 

  • Minimum age to apply is 20 
  • Must be able to work our entire season May 15 – September 12
  • Extensive equine knowledge and experience  
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid First Aid/CPR/AED certification covering time of employment